Be Nobody. Do Nothing.

The benefits of a meditation practice take us far beyond the physical into a place that provides us focus, clarity, and confidence. I invite you to sit, and overcome the preoccupations of daily life.


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Always a beginner

After several years of spiritual practice one finds that the practice it's self is never solidified. It ebbs and it flows creating many ups and downs. I remember loosing my way so completely that I feared I'd never find my way back.  One day I realized that I couldn't loose my way because navigating off the trodden path is as much a part of practice as finding the way back. It's my hope that sharing what I've learned helps others light the way. 

Where did the Podcast go?

It didn't go far, I promise! It's quite the hefty bit of data and will take time to migrate. When it's ready you'll find it here! Furthermore, the podcast will be steered toward Mindful Living as it chugs along. You'll still be able to find it on Soundcloud and iTunes when the time comes. 

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I love Autumn. Naturally, it's the perfect time to grab a blanket and hunker down to rehash my meditation class curriculum. If you'd like to be notified about upcoming private sessions please let me know.

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